White Rose

White rose cake is a long-standing specialty of Hoi An. Cake appeared more than 100 years ago, like a “heirloom” handed down that Hoi An people are proud and proud of.
White rose cake includes dumplings and cauldron cakes. Originally called white rose cakes because they have a pretty small shape, pink meat inside, thin white rice shell on the outside, tender like roses.
Dumplings and cauldron cakes are actually two different types of cakes. Because they have almost the same way of making, they always appear next to each other when presented on a plate, so they are collectively called white rose cake. The difference between dumplings and cauldron cakes is in the shape. Hoi An white rose dumplings are round, slightly smaller than regular dumplings. The mouth of the dumpling is molded and spread out in the shape of a flower. The cauldron cake looks similar to the filter cake. The cake has a crescent shape like the moon, like a cauldron, so it is called a cauldron cake.
Cauldron dumplings are cleverly and delicately arranged on the same plate, sprinkled with some dried onions, served with dipping sauce. The cake has a “very old town” flavor, subtly traditional and makes people feel attached. The cake’s crust is made from soft, fragrant white rice, and the shrimp and meat filling is rich and delicious, blending together and melting in the mouth, making all diners nod their heads in praise of their delicious taste.

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