Raw Coco Coffee (Hoi An)


We came to Raw CoCo Coffee shop in the late afternoon. At that time, the shop was rather empty. Sitting on the second floor, hearing the ringing of bells of pagoda nearby sometime, we felt very peaceful. The gentle music with the mysterious blond lights created cosy and comfortable atmosphere. We ordered chestnut coffee with blended ice and rather delicious lemon tea. The decoration of this shop was so pretty. The clusters of dry flowers were put in the unique pottery vases and look attractive. There is also a balcony where everyone can look down the streets to ponder freely.

However, the space is not large enough. The female friends are careful of the up- stairs if you put on high-heeled shoes, you will fall down easily because the stairs are rather steep.

In general, the space, beverage, services are good. In spite of not having remarkable and special features in comparison with other coffee shops in the town, this shop is also a place for you to try visiting one time. This coffee shop is located at 83 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An.

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