Pho Lien – A Traditional Cuisine

Pho Lien is very unique and special from beef and local vegetable

Visitors to Hoi An 1 day tour can enjoy Cao Lau, Quang noodles, chicken rice, bread …. These are all specialty dishes that are familiar to many tourists. There is an extremely famous dish in Hoi An that you as well as visitors to the old town have missed is Pho Lien. In fact, Pho Lien is not mentioned much by the media. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that this dish is not known by many tourists. In contrast, for Hoi An people, Pho Lien has been a familiar dish for the past 70 years. Let’s take a tour of Da Nang to find out how delicious Pho Lien is? And don’t forget to note down the address to come and enjoy when walking around Hoi An ancient town.

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