Hai San A Roi

Seafood Restaurant

For holic seafood, A Roi Quan is a weekly meeting place because there are so many delicious dishes here. You may have doubts, but try once to taste the rich taste of fried squid with fish sauce, the spicy hot pot or the cool taste of the salad. Taste will never fool you, right?

The special flavor of A Roi is also in the fresh ingredients, the seafood is kept fresh, you can see it right at the lobby when you enter. The staff will regularly filter the water and oxygenate the tank to keep the environment clean. That is the advantage that helps the restaurant’s dishes taste better and increases the restaurant’s reliability.
A Roi Quan has a fairly spacious and airy space, a reasonable arrangement of tables and chairs, convenient for moving if the number of guests is too crowded at peak hours. Because it’s close to the sea, the air is very fresh and “fresh” in the summer.

Most of the guests coming here are small groups or families, so parking is fine if you’re riding a motorbike. If you go by car, you have to take a short walk to relax to have energy and fight with seafood. A small tip is that if you go in a crowded time, order right at the kitchen to be taken care of more carefully because at this time, the staff is quite struggling to serve with such a large number of people coming in and out.

If you are a fan of seafood and carbonated drinks, then don’t miss this A Roi Quan, it’s a pity. This is delicious and standard food with affordable prices, why not try it! Save this information of Hoi An Place and go experience it right away.

  • Information Source: https://diadiemhoian.vn/a-roi-quan-hai-san-tuoi-ngon/
  • Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Nh%C3%A0-h%C3%A0ng-h%E1%BA%A3i-s%E1%BA%A3n-A-R%E1%BB%93i-220863001764698/

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