Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak is located on the top of Son Tra Peninsula, which is about 700 meters above the sea level. From this point, the entire Da Nang City will appear in front of your eyes with skyscrapers, Han River and its bridges, ships floating on the sea and white sand beaches of Da Nang. At the horizon are mountain ranges that are like a natural wall enclosing this city. Like many other cities of Vietnam, Da Nang is a crowded and dynamic city, one of the living-worthy cities in the world, and it is still changing to be better in the near future.

Ban Co Peak offers tourists the most ideal point to admire sunrise and sunset in the sea of Da Nang. The charming sea of Da Nang now is much more appealing at the two most stunning moments of a day.

In the morning, when Da Nang City is still sleeping under its light cloud blanket, from Ban Co Peak, tourists can see the sky gradually turning into red and then blue. The electric lights of the city are replaced by the shining lights of the sun, which is the signal for a new happy day. The fresh and cool air on the mountain peak will recharge your energy and refresh your soul.

In addition, sunset is also a splendid moment you should not ignore on Ban Co Peak. The sun after a long-day journey is like a huge fireball gradually sinking into the cloud sea in the horizon. The last sunlights of the day leave red and orange lines onto the sky. Da Nang turns on its sparkling lights and nightlife starts.

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