In this C program, x and y are two array for storing x data and y data respectively. I have explained newton interpolation program in c programming here in this post .This tutorial is helpful for computer science student to understand the concepts of interpolation, extrapolation in numerical techniques. The interpol function is the function that interpolates. A Fibonacci sequence is defined as follows: the first and second terms in the sequence are 0 and 1. Stirling’s interpolation formula as. Linear interpolation as described here is for data points in one spatial dimension. It makes finding out the factorial of larger numbers easy. Introduction of Formula In the early 18th century James Stirling proved the following formula: For some = ! First it finds where the given temperature is in the temp array. Newton’s forward interpolation formula contains y0 and the forward differences of y0. You can change the code to get desired results. Interpolation is an estimation of a value within two known values in a sequence of values. stirling interpolation formula, Search on stirling interpolation formula. Skip navigation Sign in. Subsequent terms are found by adding the preceding two terms in the sequence. Stirling Formula is obtained by taking the average or mean of the Gauss Forward and Bessel’s Interpolation Formula. It is a special case of polynomial interpolation with n= 1. Stirling formula interpolation example. Step 05. for i=0; i

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