Quirky – This font has some swirly ends and rounded features. 3. Rachel Fun – This thin tipped font will definitely appeal to older students as it feels like their handwriting. {7-9} », 19 Fun Ideas & Resources for Force and Motion, 8 Fast, Free Water Cycle Resources and Activities, Clouds Science for Kids: 23 Smart Ideas for the Classroom, Cute Adopt-a-Pet Reading Kit to Encourage Your Students to Read at Home, Camping Doubles Addition Roll ‘n Cover Game, 31 Creative Back to School Treats for Students {printables}. 38. Commercial Licenses and Custom Projects. Is it an incessant drive to reinvent the proverbial wheel? Stubborn Spots – This thicker font features teeny spots that give it almost an animated feel. Cherry – This font has tiny-tips and makes for a subtle detail. A school site license allows all teachers at the school site to use the fonts at school and at home. 37. 33. Thin Girl – This thin tipped font is very narrow and tall. Stripes– This medium font has double vertical lines and ladder stripes. Ashley – A handwritten font that is very friendly for teachers and students of all ages. 19. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. Shop DJ Inker's downloadable fonts for school and teachers. In kindergarten, teaching handwriting is super simple. Pinwheel – This outline font is friendly for making title and letters that you want students to be able to color in. 27. 5. IBM pc or Macintosh font resources to teach maths or handwriting in schools. Dr Seuss font whoville alphabet font Commercial Use license Font for Crafting designs font teacher fonts school fonts cricut silhouette svg AmberPriceDesign. Only features upper and lowercase letters. 18. 17. Let’s break down the free fonts by type so you can find what you’re looking for and I’ll share a tutorial link at the end in case you want to install them and haven’t done so before. 17. School Days. Simple – This simple font is a very modern font with tall lowercase letters. 7. 3. Thanks talented teachers – your unique fonts are fantastic! It has very few lines, but is a little more whimsical, especially the numbers. 2. Need more free fonts? Comic Sans the rounded, sans serif font, with a single storey ‘a’ and a simplified ‘g’ has often been the go-to choice for teachers looking to create teaching and learning materials. When we teach handwriting or how to form letters in kindergarten - it's easy to focus on the wrong things. Here are 26 free fonts that were created by teachers and will help make your classroom activities fun and add just the right touch. Penmanship Print. We hope you find what you are searching for! 26. 11. Bubbles – Letters and numbers inside of bubbles just makes this a fun font. And I mentioned that I’d hook you up with a tutorial if you wanted to learn how to install a font. New Fringe – This medium style font has fringe on one edge of the letters. 7. Chocolate Swirl – This thin tipped font has the same kind of curled ends as the girly girl font above. These fonts make your printable so much fun. Here is a great tutorial from Jessica at a Turn to Learn and she’ll walk you through the whole thing. It’s a fun twist on the classic teacher dot fonts and has a great uppercase set. Ready for more? ️ This font has been downloaded 20,000+ times. She enjoys featuring creative classroom fun when she's not designing teacher shirts, making kindergarten lesson plans or planning her family's next trip to Disney World. 4. KG Traditional Fractions. 2. Cami Primary Font (soos onder) – klik om af te laai op Cami se webtuiste Hierdie een is Cami Bold (soos onder) – Klik hier om dit af te laai Junior ABC font – hier onder – (nie seker waar dit vandaan kom nie!) Hoppin Hollyn – This font is one of my favorites. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, emilygiovanni.com has it all. These fonts are great for adding a little detail to your titles. 16. Childs play. Collegiate Heavy Outline. The block-bubble style has a throw-back and carefree look. It makes this font perfect to create game pieces or create a title. 14. KG Fractions. It’s a fun way to distinguish between titles, directions and work spaces. It’s probably best used for practicing separate letters rather then putting them together in words, but beautiful letters separately. Use uppercase letters to get dots and lowercase to see hearts. It has very few lines and is a combination of lowercase and uppercase. These fonts are great for giving directions or using as your main text font. 28. Staples – This font looks exactly like it has staples holding the letters in place. 5. 8. Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out. Every letter is easy to read and still very fun. It’s a classic teacher look. Make your teaching life a little easier with these kindergarten teacher-friendly fonts. Monster – You’ll find monster and silly faces hiding in the letters of this font. Click HERE for the link to downloading the Teacher’s Pet font * Note: I’ve had plenty of messages regarding the font … It’s a combination font of upper and lowercase letters. Freshman. It’s a really great looking font for being hand-drawn! Blocks – This font will capture your students’ attention. Spunky – This font has straight tipped edges to bring the spunk to your printables. Click to find the best 517 free fonts in the School style. Free Falling – This mix of uppercase and lowercase letters will capture your attention and be perfect on your teacher printables. Fudge Ribbon – This font is gorgeous.

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